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9 Ways to Get Lucky This St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day
Come to Tropicana this St. Patrick’s Day and get lucky with some of our great deals! The party kicks off on Saturday, March 9th at 1PM with Atlantic City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade! 10% OFF FOR GOING GREEN! (3/17) Erwin Pearl – 10% off any green jewelry piece (Valid
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6 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Tropicana

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we’re not afraid to celebrate in every way we can! From tree lightings to sing-alongs and a few festive holiday cocktails we’re bringing the true spirit of the holidays to Tropicana Atlantic City.  Join in on the holiday fun!  #1 Jingle: A
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Six Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July All Week Long at Tropicana

Tropicana Atlantic City celebrates the Fourth of July all week long with free fireworks on the Boardwalk, free entertainment, over 20 places to party and so much more. Below, check out six ways you can celebrate July 4th at Tropicana Atlantic City: 1. Celebrate July 4th with a bang wi
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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Tropicana Atlantic City!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are in full bloom. Rejoice, because summer is almost here! With this warmer weather, comes Tropicana’s Free Summer Fireworks Series, outdoor fun, and MORE! And we’re so excited to kick it all off Memorial Day Weekend. If you’
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If you love them, you’ll bring them to Tropicana

We don’t want to tell you how to spend your Valentine’s Day but let’s be honest, if you love them, you’ll bring them to Tropicana.  Experience dinner, a movie, dancing, and MORE, all in one place! With so many options under one roof, it’s hard to resist.
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Holiday Cocktails at Tropicana Atlantic City

Finally, the holiday season is upon us! The weather is cooling, the decorations are up, and #TropHolidays are in full swing. Life can be stressful during this time of year, whether it’s last minute shopping or trying to plan parties, so what better way is there to take a break t
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9 Reasons to Visit Tropicana Atlantic City During the Holidays!

We know, we know, you don’t need to be told a list of reasons why the Trop is the best place to be during the Holidays but we’re going to give them to you anyways! Maybe you’ll share it with a friend who doesn’t know about all of the cheerful Holiday fun we have going on around proper
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Trop Monthly: November

Now that you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth with plenty of Halloween candy it’s time to focus on what really matters; family, friends, and food! There’s plenty to do and experience at Tropicana Atlantic City this November from Veteran’s Day specials to delicious
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A Fairytale Proposal in the Quarter

Saturday, October 28th was our Ultimate Halloween celebration featuring Thriller on the Boardwalk and a costume contest in the Quarter. We were all expecting some frights, delights, and a sexy costume or two but we could never have guessed we’d be witnessing a fairytale proposal
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7 Thanksgiving Meals To Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving is a time to gather the family, enjoy a delicious meal, and give thanks but all of these things are easier said than done. There’s cooking, cleaning, and coordination to be done before you finally sit down to enjoy your meal. Luckily, you can skip out on all of the
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