Fiesta Buffet

Eat, Repeat, and Save Room for a Sweet Treat   


Tropicana’s Suf & Turf Fiesta Buffet impresses with the satisfying variety of its selections. Enjoy all you can eat seafood featuring Snow crab legs and a multitude of selections from the American, Asian, Italian, and hand-carved beef stations.

** Fiesta Buffet Hours are subject to change

The Tropicana Difference: A buffet with a view, Fiesta Buffet has windows overlooking the Atlantic City Boardwalk and beach.


Hours of Operation

Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-9pm
Sunday 8am-8pm 

Monday 8am-8pm

Tuesday 8am-10pm

Wednesday 8am-10pm

Thursday 8am-8pm

Breakfast: 8am-1pm

Dinner: 2pm-8pm*
(Saturday open until 9:00 pm)