High Limits

Serious Play

Higher limits and the friendliest service in town create the ultimate in excitement for the serious table player.

The Tropicana Difference: No other casino stacks up against Tropicana in player satisfaction.

New table limits:




Games with a $100 minimum or higher in Pit 10 will permit a maximum wager of up to $50,000 on one hand.




Wager on Proposition bets in an amount that enables players to win up to a maximum of $30,000.




$300 any way to the number; $5,000 on 1:1 bets; and $2,500 on 2:1 bets.




$10,000 maximum wager with $1,250 max on the tie.



Pai Gow Poker

Maximum wagers of up to $3,000.



Pai Gow Tiles

Maximum wagers of up to $3,000.



Three-Card Poker

Maximum wager on the Pair Plus bet of $300.



Four-Card Poker

Maximum wager on the Aces Up bet of $300.