Comp Dollars
Poker card holders can earn comp dollars, ranging from 50 cents to $2 an hour. Poker comps are now 1 for 1 with the new Advantage Club for use in the Quarter. The accumulated comp dollars may also be applied toward room charges or used to purchase selected show tickets.

Rating System and Room Reservations
Unlike other large poker rooms in Atlantic City, the Trop Poker Club uses a customized rating system that tracks your play by “zapping” your poker club card every hour, while you sit on any live game. Each live game earns comp dollars that are accumulative for six months. Partial or full comps can be used toward room charges, including taxes and room fees. The minimum average hours required for our reduced poker rates is four. When we view your ratings, it tells us that you will play at least 4 hours on your game of choice in a 24 hour period. Keep in mind, our day runs from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. To check your average, please call 1-888-POKER-AC.

Where do I register for a tournament?
Registration takes place two hours before each tournament, at the tournament podium, which is centrally located in the poker room. Registration will remain open until the start of the event. At this time, alternates will be selected based on their position in line and given specific identification cards labeled with numbers starting at number one. During the first three (3) rounds of the tournament and as seats become available, the player is allowed to register and be seated in the tournament and will be issued chips that were subject to the blinds that occurred in that seat.

Can I pre-register or register by phone?
Registration for all tourney events must be done in person and paid for in cash.

Do I need a player’s card to enter into a tournament?
Yes. All participants must have a Trop Poker Club Card in order to register. If you do not have one, simply ask us for an application, and the card is ready within minutes! Poker cards must be transacted in person. Bring ID.

How long are the daily tournaments?
Each tournament differs in length. On average, our tourneys are 5 to 8 hours long.

How long are the tournament rounds?
The tournament rounds are 20 minutes long (10 minutes for the midnight tournament). The blinds increase with each round.

What are the starting blinds?
The starting blinds for all tournaments are $50 and $100.

If I play tournaments, does that qualify me for the poker rate?
Tournament play is not rated. To qualify for the poker rate, players must average a minimum of four hours or more on any live poker game prior to getting a poker reservation.

How many spots are paid winners?

These are the pay outs: 

 # of Participants       # of Prizes

15 or less                  2 players are paid

16 - 30                        3 players are paid

31 - 59                        5 players are paid

60 - 79                        7 players are paid

80 - 99                        9 players are paid

100 -119                    10 players are paid